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behind the screen...

Hello! I am the 'gem' behind Assorted Gem. If you are on this page you are probably wanting to reach out for some kind of digital service and that is the best feeling ever. If you've already scoured my IG and my LinkedIn and need to know a lil more about me before you commit to an email, here is a little back story as to how I got here.

I grew up as a creative, I remember drawing and painting as a kid and getting joy from being able to create a mess of colours that normally would turn into some ungodly shade of brown. Then somewhere along the line, I got into creating pamphlets for friends on Microsoft Word and got a weird feeling in my chest and I think it was love. So I worked at it until I was ready to provide paid services and the rest was history!  

I graduated from Billy Blue College of Design in 2019 with a Diploma of Graphic design. Whilst I learnt a wide range of industry-standard processes and the fundamentals of graphic design, my industry experience working in-house and my freelance gig has proven to be more valuable than that expensive piece of paper will ever be.

Fast forward to 2024 and I am so fulfilled by Assorted Gem and the work I have created so far +  the amazing friends and clients I have met along the way. 

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